Computer Law

Computer law


  • Assistance in software protection strategy
  • Specific case of employee's work, litigation in that matter
  • Open source software (license choice, compatibility, risks, etc.)

Open source software

  • License choice (benefits/inconvenience)
  • Compatibility between software parts (proprietary and/or open source)

Negotiation and drafting of IT contracts

  • Software development
  • Implementation contract
  • Maintenance
  • Outsourcing
  • Hosting/cloud computing
  • Licensing

Personal data protection

  • Personal data audit
  • Assistance in the implementation of personal data policies and compliance with French and EU regulation
  • Good practices in cyber watching of employees

IT litigation

  • Non-compliance of the software
  • Breakdown of service (e.g. maintenance not performed)
  • Non-delivery of the software
  • Non-payment of the price